Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sweet Potato Latte

It feels like a fall morning today. Fall is my favorite!
I had to look back and see when I originally created this recipe and it was November 4, 2014!!
I've come across a few new products I love and/or am trying out so I couldn't wait to experiment.
My original recipe is as follows:

3/4c Coffee
3/4c Almond Milk
4T Sweet Potato (cooked)
All blended with an immersion blender.
That's it! 

The new lineup...
-recipe below-

Sweet Potato Latte

1c brewed hot coffee
1/4 Nutpods (or milk/creamer of your choice)
1T coconut oil (not pictured)
3T sweet potato (cooked)
1 scoop collagen peptides, optional
A dash of pumpkin pie spice

Blend with an immersion blender and enjoy!

Fall in a cup. You're welcome.


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