Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Breakfast

Toward the end of the week I end up with a few odds and ends of different food. I shop for the week on Sunday's so I use what I have on hand to hold me over until then. Sometimes my random breakfasts turn out great, other times they're a complete fail! I tend to only experiment once the girls are fed and my hubby's at work in case of another said fail.

Today was a WIN! Since these were all pretty much leftovers, I won't be writing out exact measurements.

I started with a small amount of chicken sausage that I had left. I first browned it in some coconut oil and then added what shredded zucchini wasn't used in our Paleo pizzas this week with a little garlic powder, black pepper and salt.  Once the zucchini was softened, I plated the sausage/zucchini mixture and added 3 (okay, maybe it was 6) pieces of pepperoni to the pan and let them crisp up. Then I cracked two eggs on top and covered it so they'd cook perfectly without me having to flip them.  Add a little salt and pepper and that's it! I just placed it right on top of my zucchini and chowed down.  Well, after I drowned it in hot sauce.  I add hot sauce to everything and I would have posted a picture of it then, but the food would be completely unrecognizable. =]


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