Saturday, March 31, 2012

Murgh Makhani | Butter Chicken

"Murgh Makhani"...
 I'm not gonna pretend I know what that means.  From the recipe I followed, I'm assuming (since they happened to mention it) that it means Butter Chicken.
I've never had real Indian food. Actually, I don't recall ever having fake Indian food either...
I need to get out more. Obviously.
This isn't a recipe I'd normally try, but a friend raved about it and I figured "what the heck?". 
It's from Everyday Paleo, which is an awesome resource with tons and tons of Paleo knowledge bombs and ridiculously fantastic recipes.
I waited until my husband was gone just in case it was an epic fail, but I'll definitely be making it again when he's home so we can broaden our horizons together =] Cute, right?
Anyway, my 4 year old LOVED this. She said it was, and I quote, "Super delicious!" and "Rolling Eyes Good".
I'd say it qualifies as a keeper.  She even ate the red chard! 
A few things... I didn't add the fenugreek and somehow I completely forgot to add the ghee! Isn't this "butter" chicken?! Oye! Regardless, it was amazing!
Here is a link directly to the recipe:
Make it. Eat it. Love it!

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